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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our esteemed Board of Directors brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and dedication to our mission. Comprising leaders from diverse backgrounds, they guide our vision and ensure we stay true to our values. Learn more about the individuals who drive our organization forward and support our commitment to empowering lives.

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Nancy Velasco - Vice President and Co-Founder

Nancy Velasco is a survivor of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and addiction. Her journey has been one of profound pain and remarkable resilience. Raised in a household where violence was a daily reality, she learned early on the devastating effects of abuse. Her struggle didn’t end there; later in life, she found herself in a severely abusive relationship and became a victim of sexual abuse. In her attempt to numb the pain in her early years, she turned to alcohol and drugs, only to find herself trapped in a cycle of addiction.

But Nancy's story is not just one of suffering—it’s also one of survival and transformation. Through sheer determination and the support of those who believed in her, she found her way to recovery. Today, she is in a loving, healthy marriage and is dedicated to helping other women escape the chains of abuse and addiction. Her story is one of many, and she wants others to know that they are not alone.

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Tiffiny Newton - President and Co-Founder

Tiffiny is a survivor, advocate, and the President and co-founder of IgniteHer, dedicated to empowering women who have endured domestic violence. Her journey through a relationship marked by abuse, control, and manipulation inspired her to found IgniteHer alongside an incredible group of Warrior Women. Their mission is to lead a transformative movement that offers hope and inspiration to others.

In her past relationship, Tiffiny endured extreme manipulation and abuse, facing physical violence, constant surveillance, financial exploitation, and attacks on her self-esteem and career. This challenging period ignited her transformation, sparking the creation of IgniteHer. The heart of the organization, the Warrior Workshops, teaches self-defense safe exit strategies and nurtures a culture of empowerment, education and solidarity among survivors.

Beyond her advocacy, Tiffiny is an expert in life insurance and educating women on financial literacy, passionately helping them secure their financial independence. Her holistic approach ensures that empowerment extends to all aspects of survivors' lives.

Today, Tiffiny actively advocates for women going through domestic violence, survivors, supporters and loved ones. She uses her experience to create spaces where women can learn, heal, and empower each other. Her story, shared with raw honesty and sprinkled with hope, underscores the incredible strength that adversity can bring and the impact of sharing one's story without shame or guilt.

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Vanessa Davis - Director of Operations

From victim to victor, Vanessa survived years of sexual abuse from loved ones and strangers. A safe haven was what she yearned for. Relationships were where she sought to love and feel love
however, she found herself in the hands of another abuser. One where she was captive mentally from tremendous emotional abuse, manipulation, and gaslighting. Weakened by the forces from
the physical abuse, and the weight of the shame. Left empty from the toxic cycle and spiritual abuse. Her pets killed and abused at the hand of her abusers left her feeling helpless at times.

From Miss West African Supermodel 2012 and runways, to paralyzed, in a diaper, and having up to 15 seizures a day. Internalizing the trauma triggered physical symptoms which ultimately led to her suicide attempt. Surviving her suicide attempt ignited a fire in her core not only for her to heal, but also to remind others that they too are worthy and have a purpose.

Filled with faith and with a wide heart, Vanessa’s passion is her purpose.

“You are worthy! You have purpose! You deserve to feel true love, and you will! Release the shame, and embrace the healing! You are not alone! Better days are closer than you know.”

-Vanessa Davis

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Amber Summerz - Director Of Marketing

Amber Summerz brings a deeply personal perspective to her role as a board director at Ignite Her. Having endured domestic violence and the profound loss of her mother in a tragic murder-suicide, Amber’s life experiences fuel her dedication to supporting teens and women who have faced trauma.

At Ignite Her, Amber leverages her storytelling skills to amplify the voices of survivors, shedding light on their resilience and strength. Her commitment is to break the cycle of violence, cultivate empathy, and ensure every survivor feels supported. Amber's involvement signifies a collective effort to create a world where love triumphs over fear, and every voice is heard.

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